Ride the Rockies 17 June through 22 June 2001
Day 6

Here are Tom's statistics for the day:  55.82 miles today; 435 miles cumulative; average
speed 12.8 mph; maximum speed 43 mph; time in the saddle 4 hours, 21 minutes, 14 seconds;
total time on the road 5 hours.

 Tom, Don, and Dean all left Estes Park before 6:00a.  Tom left around 20 minutes ahead of Don and Dean.
Dean went on ahead of Don after the first aid station (Lily Lake), and he met/passed Tom
as they turned south on US 36.  Dean stopped off at his house on the way to the finish
line to let Judy know that he was back in town and, as it turns out, that provided him
with a small shortcut over the tour route.

The ride started out with a hard climb for around 7 miles to the first aid station.  The
air was cold, but the riders warmed up quickly making the climb.  There were some nice
descents and a few ascents between mile markers 7 and 21, and then the road took an
upward turn (a 1,200-foot climb) for around 8 miles.  By then the riders were in Ward.
From there, it was a wonderful 17-mile descent (from 9,200 to 5,600 feet) between mile
markers 29 and 46.

When he turned onto US 36, Tom called me to let me know he was on the home stretch.  Nine
miles and 40 minutes later, Meg and I met him as he crossed the finish line.

Congratulations to all of the riders for such a significant accomplishment!  There were a
lot of tired folks heading out from Estes Park this morning, but everyone was all smiles
as they finished the ride.  They likely will all appreciate a break from cycling for at
least a few days (well, except for Dean, who is planning to ride Flagstaff tomorrow).
And then they get to think about next year's ride ...