Ice Hotel - Jukkasjärvi, Sweden - 10 December 1999

This is the reception desk at the Ice Hotel.  The black cord was providing electricity to the workmen who were trying to complete the hotel.  When the work is done, there will be no electrical appliances used.  With the exception of the chandelier (see below), all of the light will be provided by candles, as you can see on the desk above.

This is the chandelier hanging in the lobby.  Other than the light bulbs, it is made completely of ice.

This is a wall carving in one of the rooms.  Unfortunately, not all of the detail comes through in the picture, but I think that the image portrays some of the work that goes into this hotel.  And, remember, the structure melts every spring and it has to be rebuilt from scratch every year.  In fact, they hire architects to create a different design every year.  This year they will bottle the water that results from the melting structure and sell it at a souvenir.  Nothing is wasted!