A Most Excellent Adventure
Kiruna, Sweden
January-March 2000

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ER-2 Arrival

The ER-2 aircraft, which I am involved with, arrived Friday night 14 January 2000.  This aircraft is a single engine, single pilot airplane that is capable of about 400 knots at about 70,000 feet altitude.  It is equipped with all sorts of chemical and particle measuring experiments that record data as the aircraft flies.  Picture A shows the ER-2 on the ramp just after it arrived.  In pictures B and C the pilot has his helmet removed and is greeted by the other two ER-2 pilots in Kiruna.  The ER-2 is towed into the hangar in picture D, while the ER-2 has found it's place in the hangar by the DC-8 in picture E.  Pictures F through H show the downloading of the NOy and ACATS instrument from the Q-bay of the aircraft.