A Most Excellent Adventure
Kiruna, Sweden
January-March 2000

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DC-8 Arrival

The DC-8 is one of the NASA research aircraft used on this mission.  It is instrumented with experiments that are run by investigators during the flight of the DC-8, unlike the ER-2, where the experiments are all automated to run without any human intervention.  The DC-8 arrived on Friday morning 14 January 2000.  Pictures A, B, C, and D show the articulated hangar doors being raised to let the airplane into the hangar.  Picture E shows the airplane being towed into the hangar which will accommodate both the DC-8 and the ER-2.  Stairs, shown in picture F are used to let the crew and experimenters off the plane.  Passport control and car rental is being conducted on the spot as shown in picture G.